Premier Collection Foundation

The Premier Collection Foundation is an institution that promotes contemporary art creation, development and dissemination. Founded in January 2014 with the intention of promoting the various proposals for contemporary art in the country, Grupo Premier makes its offices in Guadalajara, an art gallery in constant motion. Turning Grupo Premier in to the first company in the country to make clear its deep interest in the culture of this form of expression and its connection to Mexico.
The artistic heritage of the Premier Collection initially exposes the work of artists and mediumterm participation of international artists. Exposure grows with the help of the different media outlets thus reaching abroad. The dissemination and development of the Foundation not only helps promote Mexican culture, it also shows Grupo Premier as the Culturally Responsible Company that we are.

Grupo Premier is the first company in the west of the country that shows its deep interest in the culture in this way, being thus a Culturally Responsible Company.